Before summer and festival season hit full swing, we’re busying away with our annual upgrades, to bring you the best Wee Haven experience we can, from first online peak to departure!

We’ve made a few changes to our wee haven, we’ll be making a few more again this off-season, improving access/Access and overall experience.  Even more than that, we’re even building a shiny, new website, so you can see them all on the interwebs! Just check in here for gallery updates, as we add the finishing touches!

Everything in our wee haven, your wee haven, will be cosy and branded anew, finished according to the countdown below. You can still check dates availability and book direct with us, taking advantage of significant discounts in the process, by emailing enquiries@theweehaven.co.uk.  If your a returning guest or know from calendars on one of the third party advertising platforms we use, you can also book your preferred dates direct by emailing bookings@theweehaven.co.uk


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